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of the Quality of Life Initiative 



 On Saturday November 29/08 the Quality of Life Initiative held our first rally
across from the courthouse in the center of Hampton. 
   The purpose of this rally was to provide the community with information,
some residents still have no idea about the proposed salt cavern hydrocarbon
storage project or the potential hazzards and damage to property and
the enviornment that could come with it.
   We were well attended ,when you get 70 people out on a Saturday morning
you know you have a serious issue at hand.We paraded our signs and there
 was a lot of waving and horn beeping from passing motorists. Even though
it was pretty chilly that didn't put a damper on the spirits of those in attendance.
Hot chocolate and coffee flowed freely and was much appreciated.
A big thank you goes out to our workers on tables and speakers as
well as everyone who was in attendance to help spread the word. 
   Special thanks to the setup commitee.(-:

Hampton Rally



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