Natural Gas Storage Fact Sheet



Corridor Resources Underground Storage Exploration License #08-01

Impacting Salt Springs, Smithtown, Upham, Titusville, Cassidy Lake, Upperton, Clover Hill, Southfield, Poodiac, Hillsdale, etc.



·        Corridor Resources proposes to flush the salt, from underground in our area, into the Bay of Fundy.

·        Once the salt is gone, Corridor proposes to store fuel underground, in its place.

·        Massive amounts of fresh water will be required to flush out the salt.  What will the impact on our water table be?

·        The fresh water will become salt brine and require a pipeline to dump it into the Bay of Fundy.  Additional pipelines will be required to transport the fuel.

·        Corridor Resources license is called Salt Springs to Smithtown and covers about 150 square kilometres or close to 40,000 acres.

·        Underground fuel storage will depend on pressure to keep the fuel in place.

·        There are 29 such facilities in the USA, mostly in the southern states.  Of those facilities, the accident rate is high.  10 have had major accidents or about 33%.

·        There is an ever present risk of explosion with these facilities.

·        There is an ever present risk of drinking water being contaminated or lost.

·        The USA does not utilize salt caverns in the north-eastern states for storage because the geology is not suitable.  How is our NB geology any different?

·        The fuel to be stored is to address the USA need for a ready supply on North American soil, in the event of disaster or emergency.

·        If the fuel is for USA use why not store it under USA soil?

·        Environmental legislation in the USA is much tougher than in Canada (just like food safety).  That makes Canada attractive to oil and gas companies looking to develop facilities cheaper, easier, and faster.  Profits, not our health & safety, are their concern.

·        Canadian governments are fond of passing legislation limiting the liability of these corporations, in the case of industrial disaster.

·        Climate change will continue to bring us more extreme weather events with corresponding floods, washouts, etc.  Given this, do we really want to engage in the risky behaviour of placing more dangerous pipelines and fuels underground?

·        In the pursuit of democracy and freedom, we fought two World Wars and are continuing to fight for those principles today in Afghanistan.  Democracy relies on voters having a say.  We, the voters have never been consulted about this industrial project.

·        Our area is beautiful, safe and healthy.  Do we want that to change?

·        Regular community meetings are being held.  Please join us!  Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

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