The Quality of Life Initiative group is made up of local area

 residents whose adopted mission statement is as follows:

We are residents united in preserving our community

 quality of life for present and future generations,

       including water, air and natural resources to sustain

             a healthy and safe environment.We believe the

people living in our communities should

democratically decide which impacts are

acceptable to our communities.


               The Quality Of Life Initiative came into being after

the first information meeting  with representatives

of Corridor Resources about the proposed salt cavern 

natural gas storage project. It  quickly seemed apparent that

this meeting, held at the SouthfieldUnited Church

             could simply be a lip service and  meant to provide

         no real information.What was really alarming(and a 

hint of what was to come)was the indifference

 to serious questions that were posed by the

residents in attendance.
For example, after

 determining that this project would use vast

amounts of fresh water (much more than is currently

being removed from the Potash Company of

 Saskatchewan's Penobsquis site) the questions arose: 

"What would
make this project different?" and

"How are you going to protect our well water?"

      Reminding the company of the dry wells of Penobsquis,

and how those people had been reassured that their

 water would not be disturbed,the citizens were asking

what would be different in the Salt Springs area.

The question was met with chuckles and elbow jabbing -

 but no answer.The bulk of the information Corridor

providedat the meeting was very vague. Maybe

      the company was unprepared or the whole meeting

was merely a facade, a formality to meet the

requirement of so many public meetings before such

 a project is given the go-ahead. Neither scenario is

 very settling for the residents who were trying to

      come to grips with the thoughts of gasoline products

being stored under their properties and their water

sources being jeopardized. And so the Quality of Life

 Initiative was born, to ensure that the most basic 

          of all civil rights - clean fresh water ,

safety of residents and property 

         and protection of our environment now and for the

future, remains the priority above profits for big business. 

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